Bio Loo Portable Toilet

Bio Loo Portable Toilet

Jyoti Enterprises, the best-known manufacturer for Bio Loo Portable Toilet, has a single Indian Commode. Jyoti Enterprises is a one-man show, who started from humble beginnings, with the goal of making life better for fellow Indians. Which is why, for every toilet purchased, we donate one to a low-income family in rural India.

What`s the issue with public toilets?

Public toilets are often filthy and unhygienic places that don`t provide much privacy. Plus, they are often scarce or too far away.

Want some privacy? Here you go!

The Bio Loo Portable Toilet has been designed to offer complete privacy and comfort while being able to fit into tight spaces. It has a side panel made out of PVC material that is easy to clean and also comes with a built-in tap so there`s no need for you to bring your own water supply (though we recommend it).

This aren’t your average bio-toilet! The Bio Loo Portable Toilet comes with a full plumbed inlet and outlet system that makes it easy to connect up and use in any space, whether that be your home or work place. When an outlet isn`t available nearby it can also be used by connecting it up to.

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Jyoti enterprises provides portable toilets, shower cabin etc. since 2011 in India. Our portable toilet offers a luxurious alternatives to mobile toilets and provide maximum comfort and convenience during outdoor events and on special occassions.

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